Core values

At the core of Aaasthi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s business lies a strong value system. It’s what the company was built on and underpins every decision we make. Here’s what we believe

  • Results

    We are a team of A-players with a focus on delivering incredible results

  • Accountability

    With each other and to our clients. We act with honesty at all times.

  • Innovation

    We stay fresh by constantly learning and innovating, always striving to do things to world-class standards

  • Service

    Outrageously good customer service is at the heart of our business

  • Enthusiasm

    We bring passion and a great sense of humor to our work and celebrate our achievements as a winning team should

  • Raise

    An acronym that works on many levels as we not only RAISE standards, but RAISE each other up to achieve the very best outcomes

  • Safety

    We are committed to zero accident in every task that we undertake. We believe that strong safety practices are an essential part of our business

  • Customer

    We give our best quality product and impeccable service to our customers


Behind every brand is aninteresting story

He founded 2022, Aaasthi Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an expression of Satya Kommana’s dream to create a boutique investments and real estate agency with an attentive and courageous culture Our mission is to help people find the perfect place for their homes, businesses, or just about anything else that requires a location Aaasthi Solutions strives to be an effective and innovative real estate company with a wistful commitment to providing superbly designed and built properties in excellent locations. We focus on building houses, villas, apartments, and shops that obey our trademark high standards and cater to all budgets. After successfully delivering excellent homes to thousands of happy families we aim to continue the norms and create magnificent communities. At the core of Aaasthi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s business lies a robust value system that underpins every decision we make. Here’s what we believe


The mission of Aaasthi Solutions Pvt.Ltd is

The mission of Aaasthi Solutions Pvt.Ltd is to provide an excellent level of service and expertise to the customers in the real estate market. It is dedicated to the highest standards, structure and performance which are essential to fulfil your property dreams A dynamic man, Satya’s energy and enthusiasm for his business is contagious. He regards his highly motivated staff as more than just employees, they are trusted family members who intuit each other’s working moves to create a harmonious and efficient environment. Satya is a yardstick of quality, and he has created a company where excellence is not just aspired to, but expected



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